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Need help with exporting code

Hello everyone.
I have some troubles with Webflow, export code, and send 4 emails about this to the support team. But until today, no response. Zero!
I never asked for help before, work wit webflow for more than a year now, but is this a commen issue? Ore is it just me? Feels a bit like the Adobe help desk, terrible.


Sorry to hear that this is how you feel :frowning: Suggesting that you share the community with the problem you’re having, maybe we can help :slight_smile:

Not common at all, but of course I don’t know the specifics of your problem. Perhaps it is so complex it takes more time to solve and get back to you? Support usually tries to get you a solution before replying.

Hi, @HGWeb!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

Thanks so much for posting here and I’m so sorry about your experience. This is definitely not common with Webflow Support and I’m so sorry it’s left you feeling disappointed.

I want to apologize for our delay in response. Lately, we have been experiencing higher than normal volume. I know this is no excuse, but we definitely appreciate your patience while we navigate through our growing pains.

I did send a couple of updates to you via email. Did you receive those? Feel free to respond here or DM me if you need more info. Happy to help you any way I can! :webflow_heart:

Hello Riley.
I recieved your answers. Thank you for your help.
i didn’t test it yet, because I got it running by my own, but i’m happy the problem is dealt with.