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Need help with Filtering by Multi-Reference field


Why don't I see 'Current' multi-reference field on the filter for a dynamic list of a Collection that has a multi-reference field assigned?

When I select 'Contains' or 'Does not Contain', it only gives a list of multi-reference field names. Doesn't allow me to pick 'Current'.

And I can't find any reference for 'Is Set' is.

Please help!

New Feature: Filtering Dynamic Lists by Multi-Reference or Links

Could you please link to your "public link" (not published link) thx


It right now is up on ... Is that the right link?



Guidance of "How to share read-only link" you can find here:



Here's the public link.


This only applies to a Projects Template that is corresponding to the "mulit reference".

E.g. if you want to filter a current "Project" that is a multi reference on articles, it is only possible to set this variable to "contains -> current project" ON the collection template called "projects template".

On any other collection template there will only be the option to select one corresponding multi reference.



Ahh.. That explains why this works this way!

I wonder why it was designed to be selective to multi-reference only within the corresponding template and not all templates...


Would you know what the condition 'Is Set' as opposed to 'Contains' is? I am unable to find a reference to that easily on the help center.


Sure, but I m not quite sure if I m 100% correct on this one.

"Is Set" is the same as "filled". It means that it checks whether the equivalent field has a value or not.

"Contains" is more or less equivalent to "=".



Thanks for your help!!