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Need help with making a dynamic slider hide slides not set in CMS


We built a site using dynamic sliders but only after realized the “Hide this slide if X isn’t set” feature in webflow doesn’t work properly. So now the last slide of the site shows a blank image. We’d like to re-arrange the slider module to work properly when an image in the CMS isn’t set.

Get in touch if you’re able to fix it for us! Thanks.


Hi @Pascal_T

At this time, Collections and Components do not work perfectly with each other. We are working on a future update to make this work. You may need to find a workaround to your design.


Hi checking in on this feature. Any workaround solutions discovered for this? The closest think I can think of doing is setting multiple slideshows into my desired container within the collection (each slideshow contains a different qty of slides) and setting the values on the entire slideshows. If “image3” is set you will get the “3-slide-slideshow” element. And hide the others. If only your “image1” is set, you get the “image” element and the slideshows will hide. Does that sound right?


I have gotten this to work properly by tweaking the Webflow slideshow control.

PM me for more details.