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Need some help! Got a task from the boss! :S

Hi All, been using Webflow for a little bit of time and i’ve been tasked by my boss to re create this website (we won’t be publishing it, its just a test)

Now, I’m having trouble flowing the ‘Fear to Freedom’ text & button below the slider on the smaller screens (tablet and below)

Next up, i’ve been fiddling around with slider size, mainly the height and it doesn’t seem to change at all, and then for it to scale proportionally to the other screen sizes.

Link to my website

I have other things that i’m struggling with, but this is all for now :slight_smile: if anyone wants me to update with progression with website accordingly to the existing one, just let me know :slight_smile:

Hi @Lozza , welcome at the forum.
Best thing you can do is to have a look at Webflow’s University.
Breakpoints is covered here.

Good luck!

I gave that video a watch, could you check it out now? It should look better, but im still figuring some stuff out! Cheers :smiley: