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Need some "Tester" to check the first part of my css animation


Hi to the webflow community.
I am making a animation on my new website but I have some problem with my animated watch (at the end of this first part).
There is a animated gif, but randomly, the animation is not running.
Is it my computer or you get the same problem ?

Let me know.



works for me. did you want the gif to keep animating infinitely?


Hello PixelGeek,
I tried to reduce the size and weight of the image, now it works for me too.

Thank you !


Hi Pixelgeek,
I have the same problem again... The gif is not animated anymore.
Can you check again ?
Do you want my public link too ?



it works for me. Not sure where the issue is for you.


Sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn't :/


Do you know how to fix that ?
Is a webflow problem ?

Thanks for help.


@Frvsens, Try making your gif repeat infinitely (as recommended by @PixelGeek). You can do this by opening up the gif in any image editor that supports gif. Photoshop has a decent tutorial on this if you have access to PS:

Hope this helps! smile