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Need to Push Webflow Forms to Google Spreadsheet


I'd like to be able to use the styling from Webflow, but push the submissions to a Google spreadsheet -- not using Zapier. I'm guessing someone has figured this out already or had it done already. Ideally, this would be accomplished without dipping into the Webflow form submission quota.


Have you tried embedding a Google Form?
This should allow you to get the functionality you need, but might not be great design wise...


Hi @faked

Have you tried using TypeForms?

I use them with Zapier to add new subscribers to MailChimp or to transform a Contact Form into a email sent to my clients.
Worth giving a try :slight_smile:


Style the form first, then embed google form and then add the styling. Little tricky but if you want to use google form its worth it.

I made this a while back for test purpose


Yes, that's the problem with embedded google forms... the design is difficult to match.


Great to know! We'll give this a try. Do you think there's a way to not display the "This form was created using Google Forms." at the end?


Hmm i don't know. It was some time ago I did this. I can take a look what I did and see what I come with.


would Zapier not be the solution?


FWIW, a Webflow Expert helped me out here and did a great job. If this comes up on a search in the future, ask me and I'll refer you!