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Need to transfer the entire "blog" from one site to another


It took me time to create the whole structure of the blog but I need to transfer to a different site, please help. I can't even think of redoing it ... any suggestion would help


Hey @mnmdesign can you duplicate the site and just keep the blog and re-design the other parts of the site?


Unfortunately no, because both sites are different the first one is done completely the second has already 20 pages ....


I'm pretty sure this is impossible right now. Is there a specific reason you decided to build it this way?


At the moment it's not possible, but we have plans to implement Importing and Exporting of dynamic data.


I build the blog for the first site but not going to use for now .... at the same time I need desperately blog for the second site and would have been nice to use already built structure ... that was it. therefor I need to build another blog to another existing site .. so again it would save a lot of time ....