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New barbershop website just published - made in Webflow


Hi All,

I thought I'd share with you a new website I have designed and built in Webflow. It includes CMS, Background Videos, Collections etc.



Hi Matt,

Great job. :slight_smile: Looks great.

Teresa - Pixel Panda


Thank you @PixelPanda


Awesome job @Mwdstudio! Clean and simple :slight_smile:



Many thanks @Arthur!


Looks good, like the retro feel. I take it you used images for the white backgrounds with the black borders? They look really blurry on retina screens. I suggest using CSS to do those if you know how or upload 2x quality images. The logo also looks blurry.


nice job @Mwdstudio :thumbsup:


Thanks for the insight @DFink. I will defineitly look into using CSS instead.
Many thanks.


This looks great! Really like the overall feel of the site.

The only thing I noticed in the version of chrome I'm using is that the links cover up the social media icons when I hover over them? Not sure if it happens on other peoples screens but this is what I'm seeing. If other see it a lot it might be worth it to raise those icons a bit to clear the links that appear.


Looks great! :smiley:

Only problem I have is the font used to show their telephone number and Email. I know it's the same font, but the size and colour of it, makes me feel that it is a webpage from 2005. (Only that top part though! The rest is beautiful!)

Don't know if Im the only one? :sweat_smile:


Great shout @JeffrySG. I'll certainly look into rectifying this.
Thank you for your input.


Thanks @Davidlin_ch12, do you mean the top bar?


Yeah! :slight_smile:

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