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New CMS User - Why can't I delete name field?


Hi everyone!

I am making my first collection. Why do I have to have a person’s “name” as a field? I cannot figure out how to delete this, or perhaps I am interpreting this wrong. For what I am doing, I only need one field - a number field.

Thank you for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

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Hi @myonke

You can’t delete the Name field.
Thats a requested field, it’s only here to have a name on your item.
You are not doing anything wrong no worries.
Hope this helps,


Hey @myonke

This is the “name” or unique identifier for each cms item entry. It’s your choice in the Designer whether or not a visitor ever sees this “name”.


@zbrah @matthewpmunger Thank you for the fast response. I think this tutorial I watched was throwing me off (see image below, and sorry for poor YouTube screenshot quality) He is using that same required “name” field as the actual name of a person…

I mean what do I put in this field if it’s required and the only field I am using is a number field? Sorry, maybe I am confusing myself now haha.


Maybe put the number in the name field and also in a number field.


Yeah @myonke as @matthewpmunger said it’s only a back office thing, you don’t need to put this visible for your clients.
It’s likely you find the field important when you ll have 15 items with numbers that doesn’t make sense anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


@matthewpmunger @zbrah You guys rock - thanks for help. I think I just needed to hear someone else say I wasn’t missing something haha. I was searching for like an hour on how to create one from scratch and not use their required “name” field. Finally, I gave up and came to the forum. You guys never fail me!!! :smiley:


Ahah no problem @myonke, save time and motivation for the next steps, Webflow CMS is super powerful you ll see :wink: Enjoy your first WF collection :vulcan_salute: