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New concept and prototype for IMDB


Hi guys!
I built a concept for IMDB from scratch in webflow..this is a non-functional prototype..
check here

I hope you enjoy!

Customizing the hamburger icon to one that animates

Wow. This is absolutely incredible! Well done!


Looks awesome! Way better than the actual site.



I'll totally give you upvotes!

looked at it a second time. AHHH!!! SO BEAUTIFUL! Honestly, how much production time did you put into this mock?

this is the power of webflow that I scream from the rooftops. Great job!


Absolutely awesome!!!


Only one word: OUTSTANDING!


that's awesomeness bro!


The Metro styled elements really work well. This is superb!


this is soo cool! Nice job. the overall design is awesome & clean


This is fantastic @joaopaulots ! How did you get the images/site to be full width?


This is absolutely stunning. I love the bold style. And looks great on mobile too! Congrats!


how to create that menu sliding ?



Looks great, but:

Chrome @ Windows 8.1


Looks great! Can you, @joaopaulots, share the Webflow Share Link for the site? I'm sure there is much to learn from!


You can open this site in preview mode from the public profile:


Hi good looking site, great use of hover effects and typography. Paddy


This is incredible, love it. Bold, clear and beautiful.