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New customer host plan and google fonts effects question


Firstable, when i grow up i wanna be like Webflow. period my 1st website and after 2 bottles of tilenol and codes with other sites... im soooo glad to build it here....
i got few questions... in regards to a 2 years host plan, is there a phone number i can reach customer support?

also, i was reading on google fonts site about Fonts effects...

but not sure how to use them.. ¡dləɥ ˙˙˙ƃuısnɟuoɔ os sı


Check this out

It links google font(s) with some effects on Custom Code and use embed for font effect text

<div class="font-effect-shadow-multiple" style="font-family:Rancho; font-size: 72px; text-align: center;">This is a font effect!</div>



Is there a phone number i can call ?


We don't have a direct line, but you can reach Webflow support at support(at)webflow(dot)com if you want to reach us.