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New Cyberspace Transmission


Hi everyone! I just wanted to ‘show and tell’ my first IX2 website! The new animation timeline is amazing. It makes building animations much easier. I modeled and rendered all the 3D images in Blender and embedded the 3D model using Sketchfab. Hope you enjoy! Best regards Kai :webflow_heart:


Very cool annimations be great if we could have ability to clone it? Thanks


Hi @Keejo, I love it man, great job!


Thanks @RoseWebStudio - I’ve made the site clone-able! No problem! Would love to see what you come up with! Best regards Kai :slight_smile:


Thanks @cyberdave - I built it with you in mind!! :wink: All the best - Kai


Looks excellent @keejo. Advanced webflow developer or what…


I logged in just to say: Beautiful!


Thank you @Hywel, I appreciate you logging in! Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree::santa:


Awesome stuff @Keejo

I hope @PixelGeek has seen it too - it has spacepeoples!



Hi @StuM - thanks a lot! :slight_smile: …I don’t know! I guess he has! All the best - Kai