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New discounted pricing for Webflow CMS custom domain hosting


Hey everyone, I want to thank you for the breadth of feedback that many of you shared around the pricing of the Webflow CMS after we launched it last week. The entire Webflow team has been listening intently, and we're happy to announce some changes that should address a lot of the concerns that many of you have shared with us.

We're still in the process of rolling out some of these changes, but here are the main ones:

  • Basic Custom Domain Hosting will be $5/mo per site for anyone that has a Webflow subscription. It's completely free if you don't need a custom domain. If you don't have a Webflow subscription, but need to host on a custom domain, the price will be $15/mo - which is cheaper than our recently-retired Micro Plan, with all the same benefits.

  • CMS Custom Domain Hosting is dropping to $10/mo per site for anyone that has a Webflow subscription. Similar to basic hosting, it's completely free if you don't need a custom domain.

All Webflow hosting plans are completely free if you're not hosting on a custom domain and working on a site by yourself, even if you intend to publish it on a custom domain later. So now you can develop an entire site from start to finish, get it completely working online, see what it would look like for a client to edit it using our live editor, and make sure everything works 100% -- all completely for free.

This means that someone on the Starter plan can build a robust content-rich dynamic site (e.g. like, design with dynamic content, and publish to a subdomain without ever paying a dime to Webflow.

Also, I just wanted to take a minute to point out why Webflow-powered hosting is such a good value. We've seen a lot of comparisons to traditional hosting providers in the last week (e.g. GoDaddy, HostGator, etc), however we want everyone to know that what you're getting with Webflow hosting is leagues beyond what you would get with a traditional commodity service. On Webflow's hosting infrastructure, we provide:

  • A world-wide network of servers, ensuring that your site is delivered in the same amount of time in every country
  • A sophisticated caching service to make sure your dynamic CMS sites render in milliseconds, even if your site gets a massive traffic spike (traditional hosts would either fail or turn off your service, because your site would be hosted on one physical machine probably somewhere in Texas)
  • Complete database management and backup for your CMS-enabled sites
  • The ability to have staging and production versions of a website, giving you much more flexibility than dealing with FTP and MySQL directly
  • A completely managed solution, under constant supervision and monitoring by Webflow's expert staff
  • A seamless solution for building a CMS-powered site from start to finish that doesn't require any code!
  • And a ton more coming soon!

I hope that you all find these changes to be favorable, and everyone on the team can't wait to see all the amazing sites you will create with Webflow!

Check out more details on our pricing page:

Happy designing!!! smiley

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