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New enhancement: navigator on right while dragging

(I’m the Webflow dev that built the left navigator experience.)

We’re bringing back one aspect of the right navigator: while dragging an element, if the navigator isn’t currently visible, it will show and be usable over the tabs on the right. This should make it easier to accurately place elements, without overlaying the canvas area. It will work the same way on large screens, if the navigator isn’t pinned/visible.

You can still drag over the navigator icon on the left, to show the panel version.

Thank you for your honest feedback. We’ll continue to work on ways to make the Designer more usable for everybody.


Hey @forresto

Great feature to have! Thanks a lot :webflow_heart:

:partying_face: glad to hear that :slight_smile: .

Wow! I thought I was being ham-fisted and I could never drag elements around because i was grabbing the element label, not the actual element. That’s why I am so used to using the navigator, which on the left on small screens was impossible. But this is going to change the way I work completely!!!

Thanks for listening, and coming up with an interesting solution. I’ll let you know how it pans out.