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New feature: customizable reply-to for forms

Very helpful, thanks! :+1:

Yeah finally :slight_smile: This is really NICE!

Great News though I cannot get it to work based on your directions. It keeps replying to the name in the from name along with

Shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to take a look

Nice one dudes! :smiley:

Thanks @brryant @bart helped me out!

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Hot diggity! Yes yes yes! Thank you!

Finally!!! Thank you!! @brryant if you’ve done this, I know you can make it so that we can also set up a notification to the senders using the data captured by the form!!! That would help out every webflow designer who has a form on their website! (i.e. Thank you, User. We are confirming receipt of your email. etc.)

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Absolutely, @mrgovindrai. 1,000% agree that this feature would be SO helpful.

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We don’t have autoresponders planned yet, but I believe you can set up something similar with Mailchimp if you want to subscribe your users there.

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Great feature! thank you Webflow team! :smile:

I’ll just leave this here…

This was a hard one. Can’t get it to work with Apple Mail. Does this just work with certain mail clients?

Hey @StevenP when you hit reply, the recipients email & name should be showing up. Can you try that and see if it works for you?

E-mail adress shows up but wrapped with quotation marks ("") and as the name i only see the <{{ name }}>.
When hitting reply, the Apple Mail app warnes me that this doesn’t seem to be a correct e-mail adress (apparently because of the quotation marks

Hey Steven, send us the link to your contact form and we’ll let you know what’s the proper setup for it :)

Eg. if you have a form with email field that you set a name of “Email Me” then your replyTo field in dashboard->form should look like this: {{ Email Me }}.

Question: is this also working in the field:
“Send form submissions to:”

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HI @Koen, good question. Not yet, however the wish list for that is still active. Keep tuned!

Thanks Dave!, always good to wait for something nice!


This is not working for me. I have named all the e-mail form fields as ‘Email’ and have entered {{ Email }} in the reply to address field on the form settings. I have also tried it with <{{Email}}>. It just shows as Webflow Forms and when I reply it sends to all mails in ‘Send form submissions to:’

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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