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New Freelance Website


Hi All,

It's not completely finished as I need to add more of my work but I thought it maybe a good idea for me to get online for SEO reasons.

As always, I would welcome any feedback that you may have.

Matt Meazey


Spot on bro. Simple, to the point. I'd maybe just tighten up the leading a bit.


Thank you @JoeMillion


Nice job, clean and simple. One tiny suggestion might be to add a bit more easing to the work interaction.


Thanks @SidneyOttelohe. You're right about the interaction, it now moves much more smoother.


Nice site, Matt.

I like the colour scheme and the boxes used as headings.

Norwich is great, I'm probably going to relocate there in about a year.


Thanks @CircleWorks! Norwich is a great city. Just the right size. Norfolk is a beautiful county also.


Ive have added a lot more things since launch, including...

  • A blog
  • More projects
  • Generally more content!

Thanks Webflow

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