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New Image Options Issues


Hey guys,
Love the improvements to image upload, but if you upload an image that is already in the assets manager, nothing happens. You have to close out and go back into Webflow. Also, sometimes it uploads a second version of the file instead of just replacing it. And finally,it would be nice to be able to remove assets so those don't just keep piling up.



Hi speck!

Thanks smile

Deleting assets is on the roadmap.

If you upload an asset that already exists in the asset manager from one of the replace buttons(inline or in settings) it may show upload progress as it determines whether the file exists or not, but the file shouldn't actually re-upload under the hood. If you upload an asset to the asset manager directly that already exists on the site it should scroll to and highlight that asset.

The part where it's uploading a duplicate sounds like an issue, I'll look into it as soon as I can and get back to you.

Thanks for letting us know!


Hey speck. A couple fixes related to your issues went live today. Let me know if it's working now on your end. smiley


This occured to me before as well. But not today...think it's fixed! smile


Thanks so much! I'll test things out later today.