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New Recipe Website


Finally, I can announce that Mom's Notes is online ready for everyone to use and enjoy.

I always wanted to collect my mom's recipes (mediterranean, Armenian, and universal food) and kitchen tips into a book, but when i started to design websites I decided to make a website and blog where she can share her recipes and we, her children, can share our kitchen diaries. After years of research and gathering recipes, and after a couple of website designs, finally, me and my sister joined our design skills and creates mom's notes.

Hope you all enjoy it. Your comments are welcomed and much appreciated. Be sure to check all pages :smile:

Mom's Notes on Webflow

The 404 Page

@PixelGeek Here you go! :blush:

@nwdsha Bon appétit :wink:


love it!! especially the icons and bottom footer tear sheet design.


Thx Nelson @PixelGeek

Hope you try and enjoy the recipes as well


Love the illustrations!

For the 404 page you could add your newest recipe there to help the user continue on in the site.



Thanks @AlexN :blush:


Great job @Anna_Kelian !!

Very nice, clean, and I love how the site is very simple and straightforward to the user and easy to navigate.

One thing I noticed though and i don't know if this is only me, on a Retina 4K display monitor the icons on the top of the landing page are super pixelated for me... but this might be an isolated incident so I'm not sure. :confused:


Thank you @VladimirVitaliyevich

I'll look into those icons; thanks for the remark :slight_smile:


Congrats Anna!

Definitely I'm gonna try the recipes.

Maybe it's just me but the typography on the post titles are a little hard to read.


@AntonioBalderas Thank you. Hope you enjoy the recipes. We will continue adding more.

About the Post titles, can you please share a screenshot. I will be grateful. Thanks.


People usually make a quick scan through the content before focus on something. This typography makes hard to read the titles.


I had a Graphic Designer edit these stuff for me to make sure it was balanced.
What in your opinion is the issue here? Kerning? line-spacing? Font family or size?
Please share and I'll discuss it again with my designer (sister :p).


Looks amazing @Anna_Kelian.. Although I wish the icons were linked to different dishes :wink:


haha, good idea :wink: And enjoy the recipes :stew:


I'm not big fan of unicase fonts, a normal font will improve the readability!


Yeah, the uniformity of the letterforms — until you hit on that lowercase-style e or r! — does make it difficult to read.

However, I love this site overall! Especially like the large-set notes on the recipes; adds a lot of character :slight_smile:


Yeah ok now I see what you mean. Thx @AntonioBalderas for your remark. I will revise the font with my sister.


Thank you @jmw :blush:
I value your opinion very much


Love this site !
Great job @Anna_Kelian


Thank you @Blaise_Posmyouck :blush:


Thank you, @Anna_Kelian! :slight_smile: