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New Shopify Embed Code



I am in the middle of updating my site and went to add new products via the buy button on Shopify only to notice that they have updated and the embed code is very different from how it was just two weeks ago.

Does anyone have any insight on this or is there someone that how help me figure out how to link my products with CMS using this new code?

I am working on "Photography with Tec Petaja" / Buy Now / Wedding Course




@PixelGeek It's time to update the shopify tutorial!


thanks for the heads up. the code does look a lot cleaner.


@PixelGeek how quickly do you think the tutorial will be available? We are launching a couple new products on Thursday and I need to be able to use the Buy Button.

Even if the full tutorial isn't available this quickly…is it something you could help me with?



@PixelGeek the recent embed code from Shopify is around 6500 characters whereas Webflow's limit on embedded code is 500. Couldn't figure out how to work around that. Any suggestions would be great.



@lindsay.ware @erbils

solved it here

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