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New site for our design agency


Hi, fellow webflowers :smile:
We made the new site for our agency in webflow.
Check it out:-)



Really nice stuff! :smile:


Really cool - nice work on layout & interactions :smile:


Neat site!
Great use of interactions :smiley:
One thing i would change though is making the loading screen icon vector


Thank you, @StevenP, @EvanJones and @DharmaNode :smile:
I´ll change that preloader, thats a good idea.


Really Inspiring!

I'm actually super curious about that Nibio site you guys made.

Where did you find this multiple form search solution?


On that project we did the corporate identity and prototyping of the webdesign. All development was done elsewhere, so I really don't know how that was done. Thanks for checking out our site!


Ahh I see! Looks excellent none the less! A shame as we could of really done with a new search alternative to swift type.