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New Site: Red Shepherd


Here's a new CRM Software website I've been working on. Just waiting on the client to approve and get set up to go live.

Feedback and comments on how I could improve is much appreciated and welcomed


the link for "pricing" is invalid

404 - Sorry, this page does not exist.


ahh. i forgot that I have it set up on my site as well. its optimized for that. try here:


Careers / Get Started
- does not have a URL set for it.

Invite Staff to Join You / More Detailed Info
- may sound strange... but I didn' see the big red circle with the white X for a few seconds.
- I would put the X at the upper left of the white modal background. Just my preference.

Other than that... everything looks good smile


Thank you! and its going to get linked by the client. They have their own system for careers,

On the close; was debating that as well. Thank you smiley


Nice design, very big impact!

The red icons on home, they appear a bit clurry, because you don't use them at their respective original size. You could improve a lot on that by making them SVG so that you don't care abt their size.


Thank you! that was originally the plan but I forgot lol