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New "Sticky elements" example in playground



I just added a new page to my playground which is an example of how to create a "sticky element" in this case a box at the side of an article. The link can be found here: and the site can be cloned here:



Hi Arthur,

Sweet, thanks for taking your time to help the community out wink

Love this kind of stuff.


@Mogeek awesome, I am just in the process of adding heavily to my playground so if there was anything you wanted to see an example of or just wanted to see let me know and I'll build it smile


@Arthur Thanks for sharing, only thing is with your push out menus all the interactions are just empty transitions? Am I missing something here? I cannot get push menus to work, any Ideas?



@daniel_cleayweb I'm not sure exactly what you mean, do you have a screenshot you can share to explain? :smile: