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New studio site launched


It's not completely finished but I'm launching now to try to build up a little local SEO juice. I have to build out the case studies portion of the work section, get a proper profile/headshot in place, add some more informational content for potential clients in the FAQ, and the social media links are not quite hooked up yet either, but it's getting there...

The Office of Visual Communication

Thanks @Webflow for making such an awesome product, looking forward to future of the platform.


Stunning work, @Mogeek. Really nice.


Love the simplicity and the hamburger icon! :sunglasses:



Looks great, congrats!


very clean and efficient. like the style. great!


Love it! Big type on websites is the bommmb (especially when its something good like Brandon Grotesque)

I think one of my favourite details is the fading logos that autoplay on the work section link. I've never seen anyone do that and it's such a simple but effective way of showing some of your portfolio. Your portfolio is unreal btw!

Top job.


Agreed, this is one of the most unique and polished sites ive seen in a long time :+1:



Great site! @Mogeek
Nie polish. Love the hamburger icon as well.


Thanks for taking a moment to check my thing out & for kind words on my site/work everybody :wink:

I appreciate it.


Absolutely Grotesque.. :wink:


Love it! Looks great and very polished.


This is a piece of inspiration! Love it!
Really well done :slight_smile:


Thank you! That was very kind :wink:


Good work, but pleas remove the scroll speed code! :slight_smile:


Thanks, and I know - scroll hi-jacking can be an annoyance, especially if it is super slow :wink: I've tried to make it very subtle/natural in an attempt to just remove some of the typical choppy nature of a normal scroll.


Its absolutely not the worst :wink: And since Im the only one complaining, you probably don't have to do anything :slight_smile:


Really beautiful website, @Mogeek. The portfolio is just amazing!


Thanks man :wink: I appreciate it.


I have to agree with the person above. One of the nicest sites I have seen on Webflow. Your messaging is great also.