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New Style Panel Feedback

Not sure if anyone has this issue, but the bottom part of the menu popovers are cut off. I can’t access anything when this happens.


hi @alexanderwong. We open the popover above or below the list item based on available space. The only time we have been able to reproduce this is when we open the popover and then manually resize the height of the browser so that it’s shorter than what it was was when we first opened the popover.

Can you either 1) resize the browser height to see if it fixes your problem 2) or close the popover and reopen it? At reopen, the style panel will be able to take into account the new height of the browser and open the popover above the list item rather than below.

Please let me know if you were able to reproduce this behavior any other way.


Hi @Lindapham, I tried your recommendations:

  1. I resized the browser a few times.
  2. Then proceeded to toggle the popovers.
  3. No luck, same thing. Happens to border popover as well. I can’t pick the color cuz it’s hidden off viewport.

Weird thing is, this doesn’t happen when I’m in Incognito mode. But I don’t have any extensions running that would cause this issue. The old style panel doesn’t have such issue though.

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Hi @alexanderwong that’s really odd. Would you mind sending me a video of you trying to resize the browser and retoggling the popover? It’s been very difficult for us to reproduce this on our side.

+1 on the popover issue. i just came to post about not being able to access my entire color palette because of the same issue.


I’d like know why the “visibility control” on various devices was removed, I thought this was really useful, and much easier than “display none” setting. Was there a particular reason for this? Or will it be brought back at a later date? Hope so! Thanks.!

  1. Bring back center element.
  2. It would be nice if the size adjustments came up when clicking on the entire padding/margin arrow rather than having to click the number precisely.
  3. The position buttons… keep as buttons not as dropdown.
  4. Make the dropdown arrow to change states as big as the display buttons. It’s so tiny.
  5. Please add a button to disable pointer events when published!

Also, in the top bar of the editor (probably next to the toggle preview button) add a button to quickly edit the current page’s custom code. The same one that is located under edit page settings and scrolling down. Make that easier to access and fullpage!

Maybe another button to quick edit the entire site’s custom code too. It is annoying to always have to navigate around and work in the small textareas when having to enter custom code.

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Agree. I also think the new style panel looks cool but compared to the old/current it hard to find things… but maybe I am just the only one.

My two cents, I prefer the old style unless I am missing something, I will hunt for the video on using the new panel. From what I have read would like to see the old panel stay for a few more months until some of the missing items (center) can be added. Also, perhaps there is a way not to need a 2 step process when the original style panel only needed one. That’s the reason I use the old one, faster. Thanks for reading!


Who thought that was a good idea?

Lots of things I like about the redesign, I got accustomed to most things that are new pretty quickly and can see they’ll allow ability for the style panel to grow. Imagining a bright future of native vector design inside Webflow and all that other good stuff is going to need space in the UI.

Persistent issue I’ve found though is something other people have noted about the colour palettes getting cut off. I’ve been switching to the old style panel every now and then to avoid it happening.

Noooooooooooooooo! Don’t change it, pls.

The current one is much easier to use.


Has Webflow resolved the issue where the bottom part of the color swatch panel is inaccessible if it overflows below the browser viewport? This happens often with anything near the bottom of the styles panel, and the only way I’m able to edit those styles unless I switch back to the old style panel. I work with a team of 4 other designers and we’re quire displeased with the switch over to the new panel. It’s not as intuitive and Webflow as a whole has been very buggy since the introduction of the beta version. The one and only feature I think it better than the previous is the sticky positioning option. Other than that, I must respectfully give a big thumbs down to this switch to the new design panel. At least until all the bugs are fixed. (Also, bringing the center/auto-margin button back would be awesome!) Thanks for reading.

I’m almost to the point where I forget I’m using the new style panel! There are just a few things I’ve noticed.

  1. Making edits to universal color swatches does not have an effect on the site.
  2. I reeeeally want my automatic margin button back. It just worked so well, and I find myself switching back to the old styple panel just to click it. Which I can’t do after the 19th :frowning_face:
  3. I’m afraid of the old style panel going away. There are enough bugs in the new panel for me to be afraid of losing the old panel. Luckily (thanks to Webflow) I know CSS now, so I can keep working even if the new panel continues to break.
  4. Not a big deal, but the expanded border radius UI keeps “hiding” and confusing me. haha
  5. I love love love the new giant dropdown lists. SO nice.
  6. I still really miss the auto calculate the width of an element by clicking up or down. I go back to the panel for that still
  7. It would be nice if the placeholder text stopped getting the in the way. I often end up with colors of transfffparent or au100%to
  8. I have a really hard time with the new shadow angle tool. I just have to use the input now.
  9. I find it harder to undo border styling now. I liked being able to remove the width and having everything else go away as well.

I can’t wait to see what features you all add to the new panel! Keep up the great work and thanks for the best web design tool ever :grin:

Hi @Lindapham, i attached a recorded GIF for your reference. I think many here stated they face the same issue as me, having menus getting cutoff. And if you guys phase out the old style panel, which serves as a fallback for us currently; we won’t be able to do our work.


Some information to take note:

  • I’m on latest Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Am using it on a 4K panel, Dell XPS15 laptop
  • Scale and layout on 175%

Not sure if these would help.

@alexanderwong that’s it. Our designer is built to work at “Actual size” or 100%. If you scale back to 100%, you will no longer face this issue. @doyourthing @Nina_Martinez are you both also working at above 100% scale?

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Hi @Lindapham, if I scale my screen back to 100%, I would have to basically use a magnifying glass to see each and every button, text and elements on my screen.

The Layout & Scale I mentioned isn’t the browser’s scaling, but the OS itself.

My point along with others as well, is that there weren’t such an issue with the previous style panel. I’m not sure how I can help on this, as this issue occurs 100% when I’m in normal Chrome modeand ONLY on the new style panel.

While in Incoginito mode, it happens occasionally for the new style panel.

On the classic style panel, all is good and well. I can work without worries. This new style panel is causing much anxiety and workflow issues, and I have 1 team account which I pushed my company to subscribe for our designers, and my own personal Pro account as well; if the problem cannot be addressed and Webflow is force feeding me and my team with the new style panel, I will simply cancel all our accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Webflow and I have been loyal to the brand and thankful to your entire team for making my life easier, but if there are issues that are “Blockers” to my workflow and you guys are forcing it through anyway, I find this unacceptable.

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this issue has nothing to do with scale. it has to do with which panels are open and the varying placement of the popovers based on it.

below is a screen recording with loom. as you can see, if i have the effects panel open the color palette is cut off. if it is closed the position of the palette popover changes and can be accessed again. this happens with other panels as well. we are not making up this inconsistency.

note: excuse the audio at the end lol i forgot to mute it

Yeah, I’m having the same issue as many others it seems. Not sure how much testing WF has done with this, but it’s causing a big issue for me.

As I’m trying to work with the new style panel, there is NO scroll bar, so some styles are completely inaccessible to me unless I make my browser smaller (80%). This becomes increasingly frustrating with elements that have two or more combo classes.

I literally can’t see all the options for “effects” unless I make my screen smaller.

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