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New Style Panel Feedback

this is a good thing to have smooth scrolling back!
Thanks to post this!

Problem in finding global colors:

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Please let the use of HSLa also exists because lighting IS THE POSSOSITE 'black <->White


more info

This resolved my issue, thank you!

Yes, very annoying, this is one of the few things I switch back to the old panel for, it was super useful to place your cursor in the field and click upon down once and get the exact current size for the element, very useful when you want to add some minimum or maximum sizes, not sure how I will get round this now as quickly.

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Hi everyone. Thank you all for your patience around this new design. It’s getting better and better with all of your feedback and bug reports. Read our blog from January about some of the other hidden gems.

We will be deprecating the old style panel on Tuesday, March 19th. With this being our last week, we have already/will be introducing a few new cool things made possible by the changes made for the new style panel.

  1. Option/alt+drag on an input to change the value. This means that your right hand never leaves your mouse. We are adding a few more enhancements to it this week to allow you to hold down Shift to change the value by 10s, plus better value rounding so you don’t have to be too precise. @Helen this means you can Option+drag on the BG image positioning inputs to move the image around in its container. Try this now
  2. Shortcuts to the spacing popover. Hold down Option/Alt when clicking on one of the preset setting values to set it to the opposite side of the box as well. Hold down Shift to set that value to all sides. Try this now
  3. Magic inputs. Your starting width and height will now match the “natural” size of the element you add to canvas. Moreover, when you change the unit from px to % we will auto-compute the approximate conversion for you. @allthingsGJD this should resolve your concerns. Try this now
  4. Default values will be placeholder texts: We found the default values annoying too. That’s why we’re changing it so that they’re actual placeholder text. Coming this week
  5. Color popover scrolling: We’re working on allowing you to scroll the swatches section of the color popover so that you’ll be able to scroll if your list gets too long. Coming soon

Outside of the color popover and when the designer is scaled, I do feel like there’s another hidden bug around these popovers that we haven’t figured out yet. We have found it very difficult to reproduce this with any other popover, which makes it very hard for us to fix. @davidghs and anyone else with the popover issues, would you be able to DM me with a video of this happening at 100% scale?

@alexanderwong @dapitts08 Unfortunately, our designer as a whole do not fully support 175% zoom/scale – we know that might be frustrating as the problems there are not as apparent in the old style panel, but we’ll make sure to add optimizations for it in the future into our backlog.

And to address a few other concerns:

  • @danettescales @Robit97 @vincent I will bring the “Center” shortcut up with our team to see if we can bring this back.
  • University videos are being updated right now. Because of the care and quality we put in them, they do take time. Be assured that all new videos are being created with the new style panel.
  • @dram I’m seeing smooth scrolling on my side, but let me check with my team
  • @KarelRosseel82 Please add HSL support as a wishlist item in the Wishlist

This is neat! Thank you!
And well designed, the SHIFT still works for 10s increments.
I love it already!

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To be clear, I use the designer at the default 100% scale. The loom video I posted is with the designer at 100% scale. Again, the issue IS NOT scale. So many people have posted the same issue. Not sure why you keep latching onto this idea about scale. Am I missing something here?

Here is the video link again in case you missed it:

HI @dapitts08. I believe your issue will be fixed once we implement scrolling for the color popover. The only other reproducible bug is when the designer is scaled. Hoping to get more video content for this issue outside of these two parameters, to see if there are any other sneaky bugs afoot.

Thank you for clarifying :bowing_man: I think we’ve confused some similar issues with popovers as identical. There’s a lot to keep track of with the new style panel but I can assure you that we’re working on fixing all of the popover-related bugs :+1:


thanks for the response…yes scrolling will definitely help for the color popover. but i’m not sure if you notice in the video that depending on what other panels are open, the position of the color popover changes. if the effects panel is open the popover is positioned below and cutoff. if that same panel (effects) is closed the popover opens above instead of below.

edit: also i tend to work with a lot of my panels closed. there are so many variables of whether a panel is open or closed and the positioning of the popovers so I am sure it can be difficult to reproduce on your end.

popover opening from below when effects panel is open:

popover opening from above when the effects panel is closed:

got it. thanks. understood :slight_smile:

I just got a notification that this will be the only panel option soon.

There are still a couple things that are really broken with this panel that I’m sure others must have mentioned by now, but I’ll do it here:

The ‘Auto’ values (say, for div width) do not zero out when clicked. So if I click on the box to type 20 instead I get “au20to” os something. Using Safari on OSX 10.13

When dragging margins with the arrow box, often a glitch will happen where the side panel switches to the navigator on some div unrelated to what I was just manipulating, and I am left unsure if I screwed something up.

These both happen to me everytime I use the Beta panel, very quickly into the workflow, so I figured they were well known. But anyway, they are still occurring so I really would like to put my voice in for waiting until the more glaring, workflow-interrupting bugs are fixed before making the new panel the only option.

Hi guys, please allow us the option of keeping the legacy version until this is finished (first), then tested and ready for production release (after). All I want from webflow’s UI is a reliable, functional tool that’s efficient to use.

Webflow’s product and sales pitch is based around a tool that offers a simple UI for development. As I write this I’m still only able to see lower than the typography tab less than 1 time in 10 of attempting to get the scrollbar to pop up when mousing over the the RHS of the screen with a trackpad (works flawlessly in the current style editor). Artificially mandated deadlines or not, no-one absolutely NEEDS this new set of controls, so I can’t understand the rational for pushing so hard to release an unfinished product that still has such fundamental usability bugs. A “When it’s ready” approach can often pay big dividends with long-term customer satisfaction.

I have so many questions along the lines of why are Webflow putting so much development time into changing something that everyone was happy with and no-one was asking for in the wishlist, rather than focusing on much more desperate concerns like:

  • Security: User permissions for team accounts - currently anyone can edit or delete any site or asset in the account without restriction
  • Security: Stop files still being publicly accessed online at their old URL after they have been deleted
  • Security: 2FA for content editors rather than risking a site being compromised? (Ecommerce increases the risk too)
  • Security - Unsubscribe email headaches?
  • Necessary functionality - Table Support
  • Necessary functionality - Unpublish pages without having to republish the entire site (removing job postings, news articles etc without having to push out partially finished page changes)
  • User experience - Having files hosted on the site URL rather than a random webflow domain
  • Speed and scalability - Re-integrating Fastly for HTTPS sites
  • SEO - Lot’s of possibilities with keywords, content writing guidance, file naming and slug naming conventions etc?

Maybe there’s a desperate need for pushing this out so quickly that I’m just not seeing? I’d just love to see more focus on the basics.

Thanks guys, appreciate your consideration.

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Some good points Mike

I don’t know how Webflow plans their projects but I can imagine that the style panel is a different team than most of the points on your list. I am not taking sides here. Just airing own thoughts.

I think this is rather difficult to do (again I don’t know exactly how Webflow operates) if they are using a static site builder. They normally rebuild all when you publish. Even they could rebuild partially then they would need a lot of logic in order to make sure they republish the pages affected by the change. Like links to that page, snippet of content from that page. Perhaps a complete rebuild is fine with you as long as your other changes are not published though. You mentioned partially finished changes. Perhaps Webflow could introduce a queue system where you can push certain changes in front of the queue and only then publish 1 item in the queue only.

Does CDN not work with HTTPS sites? I am very curious about this

Center button back or not finaly ?

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Team is going to consider its return as @Lindapham said in her latest comment :slight_smile:

Let’s go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Before delete old interface ? :thinking:

HTTPS content is being served over Amazon cloudfront. That is a CDN, albeit without some of the features.

look to wislist