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New Style Panel Feedback

@Cricitem I sent you a screenrecording in PM explaining what in your layout causes the position sticky “do not work” on your site.

Got it. Appreciated it. Replied.

Sticky definitely needs a more robust tooltip because I would not have guessed that in 1,000 years based on what is there now.

@KarelRosseel82 I just wanted to make sure I understand your feedback.

  1. With an open popover, when you scroll, the popover should scroll with you
  2. Right now you can exit a popover by clicking anywhere outside of the popover or hitting the esc key on your keyboard. We felt like that would be sufficient. Can you expand on why the x button would better the experience?

The text size limit is a bug. We’ll have a fix soon!

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@miekwave Thank you for all the feedback. We’re figuring out the fallback fonts issue now. In regards to the spacing controls and your very very long padding values, may I ask what the value was in the legacy style panel?

Trying the new beta style panel
when I want to try and highlight a value to change it, It kinda resets or makes it draggable in the old one I can just highlight it and change it by dragging my mouse

made a screencapture

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Yes, the learning curve is tough, and arguably includes more movements than previous. BUT, this is about future proofing Webflow. Web design complexity is likely to increase at an exponential rate and Webflow has been forced to think about a UI capable of expansion without a major redesign every year.
Short-term pain, long-term gain.

To be honest most people are unsatisfied only with the dropdowns for the most common settings - display and position. I highly doubt we will need to use all the display values from the css specifications and position values amount is small anyway. Two rows of icons is not that much of a lost space but huge time saver.

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hello Lindapham,

1a) I made a video of the scrolling video in the menu… when I hit the box for drop shadow: the popup ALWAYS comes downwards (before it was above the setting).
But when scrolling the popup does NOT scroll with the total-vertical-menu-bar … so I can not see all possible sliders to set…

PLEASE check de video I made of the serious problem:
example for the shadow bar:
example for the color background settings: while scrolling: popup stays on the same place

1b) STRANGE when I check my preview of my project the vertical menu acts different: the popup comes above the option: look to the video: SO 2 DIFFERENT BEHAVIORS!!!

  1. Also clicking somewhere in around the popup is confusing the get out of the popup, so a X should be better, or closing popup after 2 seconds automatic so you can to further your design.

  2. make the options a ‘clickbar’ look to the picture: clickzone only + should became a clickbar:

Thanks to check this out.

You can look to my project preview:


It appears that one something has been set to flex and contains a div but you then change the flex to display, the containing div still thinks it’s flex. so you can no longer set width or height depending on the previous flex option.

Slightly sibling to topic, but I wish the navigator or whole right panel could expand to show complex trees. Or even show the navigator simultaneously on larger screens. Imagine building an interaction wIth the navigator visible to the right of timeline.


please look to my videos where I have a problem to scroll the popup windows:
designer modus: popup bordershadow:
designer modus: popup bgcolor:

preview modus: popup jumps above, but scroll problem still exists

Check this out

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@argogiant we finally figured out how to reproduce this one. That can be quite annoying. I just added it our engineering queue to fix soon. Thank you for reporting this!

@KarelRosseel82 we still can’t reproduce the scrolling issue, but we’re trying. Can you check your zoom level to make sure you’re at Actual Size.

@bennraistrick thank you for the report. We were able to reproduce this. I added this to our team’s queue as well.

@HammerOz We have something in the works :wink:


AwEsOme! I am liking the style panel changes. Not that it is worth commenting until after a lot of use.

also I found some problems in the naming color: RGBa (there is uses RGBA and HSLa (there is used B in stead of L HSBA !!

in the W3schools: information:

Also make the border settings more visible place, look to my suggestions.

Also a Photoshop way of working is by mouse making text bigger/smaller. look to this video:

I like more the icons because text in Englisch for people all over the world should be better understanding by icons I think. But still add the possibility to get a video about the element you don’t know anymore how to work with.

Add the office Word icons please (not only by arrow up and down)

Add the possibility to scroll down in the names of fonts, not only a popup!

Add the question mark just the way elements works… so students will better know how to work with the items.

Thanks Karel (teacher webdesign Brussels Belgium)

I love them too. Except that when you click lets say the typography drop down menu, you cannot click away from it and have it disappear, you have to select a value in the drop down menu for it to go away! I hope the staff will fix this, it’s driving me nuts, because if I say, changed my mind after selecting the drop down menu and do not want to select a value, then I still have to select a value other wise the drop down menu is just stuck where it is, and then I have to undo the action. Does anybody else have this problem?

(Just started reading this post, not sure if this has been mentioned in the 90+ replies below)


I think most people use flexboxes for centralising - hence the lack of interest in this feature…

I like it, but I am with the others in wondering why you are asking us to make so many dropdown decisions. I’m sure icons would fit.
I’m also used to dragging the mouse over a number to change it - that makes everything go berserk!

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Mouse drag is a known issue and we’re working on it.


Except that when you click lets say the typography drop down menu, you cannot click away from it and have it disappear, you have to select a value in the drop down menu for it to go away!

@VladyRahn I can’t seem to reproduce this. You should be able to click anywhere in the style panel to close the dropdown. If you’re not able to do this, can you DM me a video fo the behavior?