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New Style Panel Feedback

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Welp, it is there again :frowning:


Hi everyone. Our team has been busy at work fixing a handful of bugs and enhancements. Thank you for helping us find these issues


  • Transform settings will display blue/orange if there are applied/inherited values in the popover. Individual items in the transform popover is now resettable as well.
  • You can now set negative values for box shadow size.
  • No more % values for box shadow size and border width
  • Handful of background image bugs
  • Column span can now be set on column children
  • Fallback fonts are now working properly for custom fonts
  • You can now set transform on the Body
  • Single-clicking on properties with the EM unit will no longer increment to long decimal values
  • Scrolling when a popover or dropdown is open will no longer scroll the style panel below it.

Coming soon

  • Display properties… yes the buttons are coming back.
  • Increase/decrease value on inputs by Option+drag
  • Default values for inputs will be placeholders so that it’s easier for you to click in and change the value
  • Larger click areas on each property label
  • Custom fonts bug not showing up correctly in the dropdown bug fix

Thank you again for your patience as we work out the kinks for the style panel. As we continue to add in more enhancements to the style panel, the new style panel will be the default option when you load the designer (the toggle will still be available to switch back). This will help our efforts to give everyone enough time to adjust to the new style panel before we permanently switch over.


So awesome! Thanks for the update! :webflow_heart:


This is legendary! Keep em coming!


This is great news. Thank you.


Wooo! Thank you for bringing back the buttons :+1:


Would it be possible to add this to folders in the pages panel also? i.e. Alt + click a folder to collapse / open all folders

I’ve tried to add a new wishlist idea for it but it won’t let - the new idea page just keeps reloading. When I click login it also keeps reloading and nothing happens.


A few things:

  • I know it’s been mentioned, but I use the ‘auto’ button on a very regular basis and it’s quite annoying having to click so many more times to achieve this. I’ve actually been switching back to the current version just so I can do that quickly.

  • I also regularly determine the height of an object by hitting the up arrow in the height field. Now when doing this, it brings the value back to 1 instead of starting at the height it’s currently at. Hopefully, that makes sense. I use this frequently when determining sizes of other objects in comparison.

  • I also just noticed if you change units for the margins and padding now that it keeps the numerical value instead of converting it to the similar number. For instance, if I had something at 3%, I would convert it to px and it would say 25px or whatever. Now it keeps the number and just changes the units. I use this mostly to judge approximate sizes as well.

I’m okay with the rest of the changes for the new style panel - it’s mostly the display sections that are more taxing now that disrupts rhythms. Maybe it’s just something I need to get used to, but it just seems like a slight backward direction for usability in that section.

Big yay for bringing back the display property buttons though!!


@Lindapham thanks a lot, does it means position (absolute, relative, fixed) come back as buttons as well ? I know you guys see grid and flexbox as the future but old positioning still solve many layout issues, 2 click for the basic feature is already too much…


*opens Webflow project and quickly changes the display state of a modal to fix a spelling mistake. Closes site and walks into another room…

“Wait a second…”

*Runs back in, opens Webflow to actually notice the new, beautiful row of buttons, and calls a friend to announce Webflow is great at listening to user feedback.

Haha seriously. You all are awesome! I didn’t even notice at first. The best design really is 99% invisible. :heart_eyes:



Minor thing: I’ve noticed that when you hover or even click on the question mark “more info” circles (?) nothing happens. These right hrrrrr:


I do not know who is responsible for the redesign of the new panel. But this person clearly lacks an understanding of the goal.

  1. The new panel is very complicated.
  2. New panel is not built on user experience.

Tens of thousands of people are used to using the old panel as an effective tool for everyday work.

Today, you propose to spend time exploring a new panel, is it too high a price to
optimize the speed that many users do not need in the first place.


Create a vote and understand everything yourself.
You are a big and ambitious company, but your marketing department is still a weak point.


PROBLEM ZOOM percentage:
When Google is zoomed out: to see more of the content: because beamers has a 4:3 screen. Than there is a problem for the popup tools!

I suggest a ctrl+shift zoom +/- so the way GoogleDocs works:
look to the wishlist: please vote for a menu-zoom and also a scroll to the right side!



problem in naming: students need to know the code ‘uppercase’
so please make it the same into to webflow!

Thanks a lot webflow team


Not sure if anyone has this issue, but the bottom part of the menu popovers are cut off. I can’t access anything when this happens.


hi @alexanderwong. We open the popover above or below the list item based on available space. The only time we have been able to reproduce this is when we open the popover and then manually resize the height of the browser so that it’s shorter than what it was was when we first opened the popover.

Can you either 1) resize the browser height to see if it fixes your problem 2) or close the popover and reopen it? At reopen, the style panel will be able to take into account the new height of the browser and open the popover above the list item rather than below.

Please let me know if you were able to reproduce this behavior any other way.


Hi @Lindapham, I tried your recommendations:

  1. I resized the browser a few times.
  2. Then proceeded to toggle the popovers.
  3. No luck, same thing. Happens to border popover as well. I can’t pick the color cuz it’s hidden off viewport.

Weird thing is, this doesn’t happen when I’m in Incognito mode. But I don’t have any extensions running that would cause this issue. The old style panel doesn’t have such issue though.


Hi @alexanderwong that’s really odd. Would you mind sending me a video of you trying to resize the browser and retoggling the popover? It’s been very difficult for us to reproduce this on our side.