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New Style Panel Feedback


Agreed. Less 2-click workflows.More 1-click workflows. Scrolling is much faster and easier than pointing and clicking anyway. And if someone really wants to scroll less, they can keep the sections collapsed until they need them.

Minor tweaks to the current style panel would be better than this huge overhaul that forces all your users to relearn new slower workflows and memorize new unintuitive icons and reading more text labels. The old icons were way more intuitive anyway. Especially the position and overflow icons.

6 display buttons with 1-click access is better than the 2-click pop-up menu workflow. And I understand you plan to add more stuff down the road. But if you need to add a new display icon in the future, there is room for 7 icons. Just look at all the wasted space to the left and right of the display icons of the current style panel. Or look at the text alignment icons of the current style panel, you fit 7 there. Please go back to 1-click workflows!


Yes please bring back the arrows to allow going up and down to resize with a click. Or at the very least bring back the ability to click and drag the size labels to resize.

I mean if click and drag is obviously still the best way to change the margin and padding, why would you remove this great interaction from the rest of the size values?


I second this. We all know that we are using more and more touch capable devices and so designing a new interface that requires more clicks doesn’t make sense, it is way faster and easier to swipe or scroll your wheel than to click through menus (because of a precision required). Also why not design a detachable menu that can pop out in its own window similar to what inspector in chrome does? That would solve multiple issue that are being constantly voiced.


Hey guys, this is really cool! Great work!
One thing I would say, though, is we are sorely missing right-click context menu in the Style panel.
What do we need that for? Well, when I want to copy and paste an element to a specific place, I should be able to right-click and paste there.
Another instance is trying to copy a specific parent element. You select it in the WYSIWYG viewport, then right-click it, but that changes your selection to the top-most element rather than the parent you originally had selected. Being able to right-click in the Style panel would solve this.



Chiming in to say that I think the beta UI is great! Not sure why so many people are having a whinge here… I guess people get grumpy when you change anything.

I particularly like how there are now lines to show a child’s parent element:

This used to be a real pain point for me, it was hard to see at a glance what was going on. Really liking it!


I am reporting a bug with background position.

Anytime I try to change one value (vertical or horizontal) using the beta panel, it rests the other value to 0.

I might for example, have top set to 50% and want to set left to be 3px, but as soon as I set the 3px value my 50% top gets set to 0. Please fix.


am i the only one who immediately went to the color palette to see if we could rearrange swatches after this update? really wish this was a thing. it’s pretty essential to a modern workflow tbh.


Resetting a value is shown as option+click, but I’m on PC. You should detect OS or change it to alt/option+click


Really bad bug: When you click in a text box to edit a value in the Style panel, if your mouse moves outside the Style panel’s left boundary, unexpected things get selected and sometimes moves. Elements end up moved and it’s general chaos.


Sounds nasty. Can you make a screen-capture so the we know what not to do meanwhile? :slight_smile:


(Made with LICEcap)


Oh. Did you just drag the number from the field into the canvas? I assume you thought clicking and dragging would make numbers to change? If so then I think WF team is working on bringing this functionality back.


@dram. I had the same thing happen to me, and all I wanted to do is just highlight the values in the field. So, if you click your mouse and drag it to select the numbers, but accidentally would drag the mouse onto the canvas while it is clicked, it will do what you see in the video above. It’s totally enjoying and should be fixed.


Yep, Vlady’s got it.


The calculation of values doesn’t work in Style Panel Beta anymore. This is a great feature and I want it to have it in Style Panel Beta , too!



I also have the same problem when I want to select the value of the colors! µ
=> The Popover disappears to the wrong panel!
look to this printscreen-video

Also changing the colors from a list is not yet possible : add this feature please:
Now you can type, but when you enter the color is not showing up into but the color is comming redcolored… why???
look to the printscreen-video:



May I add one suggestion here (and my apologies if somebody else has already mentioned that in this long thread…):

Would it not be helpful to add a “Collapse/Open All” feature, to quickly get a compacted view of all the groups in the Style menu? Something like a Ctrl-click on the arrow symbol of any tab - which is what Photoshop does on layer groups, for example…


I don’t see any "whinge"ing going on here outside of a couple fanboys crying about people daring to give negative feedback :clap: in :clap: a :clap: feedback :clap: thread.


A read through your comment history confirms that you are in fact the single rudest whinger on this entire forum. No wonder you feel targeted…


Definitely agree with this statement! I came directly to the forums today for this exact reason and I’m glad to see other users are perplexed about the design choice as well. sectioning off things in the Style Panel wasn’t a bad choice, however, the dropdown menu items & hiding away things (such as the images/color/gradient in the backgrounds) all just seem like unnecessary complications to a simple workflow.