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New Style Panel Feedback


This board -really- needs an ignore function.


Again, I agree with this statement! I feel that scrolling down & having a longer style panel would be much better than clicking in the event you even had to do 2 rows of icons for display buttons – I’d still prefer that over a click down menu inside of an already collapsable section of the style panel.


@karel_Rosseel82 interesting idea around the color picker. Ideally it should allow you to search for your already created swatch. We didn’t have this in the legacy panel either. Adding it as an enhancement for the future.

The drag bug and bg positioning bug will be fixed soon! Supporting math in our inputs is also being tracked. Hopefully that one comes soon too!


Quick new enhancement that one of our engineers did in his free time.

Option+click or Alt+click on a section header will either expand all sections or collapse all sections


Give him a hug from me (and a lot of other designers, I am sure!), will you? Little things like that make life better!


z-index limited to 999 ?


I really would like the calculation option back in the value fields



YES! I use that ALL the time as well!!


I’m relatively new to Webflow and am really struggling with the changes made to Visibility. How on earth do I now create a symbol that will only appear on the mobile phone version? I feel like I must be missing something very simple but I can’t for the life of me work it out now, as even in non-beta mode, the ‘Visible on’ box does not appear on the Style/Settings panel for a new symbol I’ve created (essentially it’s a back to top button).

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I think the old icons for overflow where more intuitive! Compare:


I honestly have no idea how these new paragra… er… overflow icons even made it to production.


It would be very helpful if were able to use alt/shift shortcut to effect both/all sides of the container when selecting one of the predefined values for padding/margin.


I always mix up the new icons for overflow hidden etc. with the text settings.
And miss in box shaddow the minus input of the size


Math calculations is something that def needs to be in the final version (would love it in the beta, but I understand what a beta is) - Thanks


Very helpful, and super-fast – a big Thank you!! :smiley:
Btw, the same would be sweet also for the tabs in “Add element”… :innocent:


please add color on/off possibility… so for example black for sections an gray for container blocks.

also the possibility to choose the colors for the text in navigator should be very nice!

look to the video
or picture


It would be great if you guys added “hide from view” button. Something that would hide an element from the view in the designer but would not change the display property. It would be so helpful when designing with fixed and sticky elements.


The biggest problem with the new style panel is as I clicked elements before I could see at a glance how the properties would change (and differ) from each other as the shaded boxes would change. Now there is no direct visual cue with all the new drop-downs, and it makes editing, comparing, and spotting mistakes extraordinarily tedious.


@KarelRosseel82 interesting idea. Wanna add it to our wishlist?

@stateless Would you be able to send a video of what you mean? I’m having a hard time understanding the root of your frustration.