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New Style Panel Feedback


I know it was never a possibility even in the old panel but could you please have a look into a way of making mouse wheel adjust the numeric settings when selecting numbers in any field (the way it is done in adobe products for example)? This is super-handy for speeding up work process.


How do you now make an element not visible on certain devices?


I am starting to think that Webflow devs didn’t think the removal of the visibility option through enough :smiley:

To make an element invisible (or rather to remove it completely from the page) you need to set it’s display property to none. By doing this on certain breakpoints you will achieve the desired result.


Yes I have just figured that out but it seems far too confusing to do. The old method was so simple.
It’s a shame they have ruined that functionality


Hi @Lindapham,

Just want to add my two cents to the updated style panel. Some of the improvements are great - the bigger drag areas, the color picker popups and the full length dropdowns for font, etc. I also like that when you click a box, you can type without having to select all the text and press return to exit. The new shortcut key - alt and click on a section heading to expand collapse all panels is great also (please say thank you to the engineer who worked on this in his free time!!)

Some items that I’m not so enamoured by (in order of importance:

  • Too many clicks to change the display of an element i.e. block, flex, grid, etc.
    Please give us all six options across in a row as before.

  • Same for the dropdown for Position
    Please give us all five options across in a row as before (with sticky added).
    OR why not give the user the ability to toggle between the buttons / dropdowns for both of the above - display and position?

  • Now that the layout, spacing, sizing and position is much slower also - there are now four sections (5 if you flex-child is active) in the new style panel where there used to be one. This makes work much slower and there are many (many) more clicks to open and close panels.
    I think two sections would (could) be plenty.
    OR why not give users the ability to combine / separate certain sections?

  • The click areas in the effects panel are very small and all the way over to the right.
    Why not allow the user click anywhere across the full length of the box (like the user can on “Float and clear” in the Position panel.

  • Bring back the Auto Margin button. Perhaps in the center as previously suggested by others.

  • On the Spacing and Position panels - in the click and drag areas - and also for borders
    The ability to use Alt + Shift + Click to remove all values from the four sides.

  • The ability to reorder color swatches (as previously suggested)

  • Are the bullet and numbering style options gone for lists?

Finally, there are a number of bugs in the new style panel which I’ve experienced as recently as yesterday - nothing too major but some minor ones with background-images, borders, etc. I’m pretty good to report bugs but when the detail is minor with some complexity to reproduce and I know it’ll take some time to communicate Webflow support - I sometimes choose not to report it. There was talk of a Bug Bounty being set up to reward users for taking the time to report bugs. I think this would help lots and encourage users to report issues.

That’s all - thanks for reading!


The Style Panel Beta is awesome! One issue I’m having: when I want to enter the detailed padding editor, I have to click near/on the actual number rather than any part of the blue shaded area surrounding it.

Here’s about the area I have to click to access the detailed view on Safari, shaded in red:


I believe the entire blue shaded area should be clickable to initiate the detailed view.



Here is a new bug:


Though I am not sure if the size property even supposed to show percents at all.

edit: It looks like there is more than one instance.



Arg! I just switched back to the old style panel to get my productivity back. :confused:


As a Newbe The new style panel makes all the fabulous video content you have created very difficult to follow and in some cases useless. The video tutorial content was one of the draws for me to Webflow and some of the best produced video tutorials I have ever seen for a software and now it is kind confusing and not as helpful


We’re all over this! It’s a massive undertaking, but we’re in full production. Stay tuned!


Another problem with code not cleaning. If you set anything to grid, then modify it in some way and then change display to something else (or even if you alt+click to clear the thing for good), the grid settings will remain in place (visible by browsers but not seeing in designer) leading to visual bugs in layout.


I agree with these suggestions.


Font issues. Font issues no more. We’ve fixed all the large font-related issues including:

  • Font fallbacks not working for custom fonts
  • Custom fonts overlapping one another

We still have one more font issue around how custom fonts are being displayed in the dropdown. It’s a minor UI issue, but we’ll get that out soon too.


With regard to typography options, I am wondering why the column settings buried here when the column-count property is not a text specific property as far as I understand. I only recently learnt about the potential of css columns for layout and I am no css expert, so I may stand corrected here.


That is really cool. Thanks so much


Hi guys

Probably this is an oversight or a bug, but it is no longer possible to put negative values into the box-shadow parameters, this used to be possible. Big deal for me, please fix!


Good catch! Yeah, currently size starts at zero and goes only in one direction, unlike on the old panel where zero was in the center of the scale.


This may have already been mentioned, but I found it really useful to find the height or width of an element by clicking up or down once in the input. Do you plan to implement this feature again in the new style panel?


What sorcery is this? I never knew this was a thing!


Haha surprise! :partying_face:

It’s really handy when fine-tuning elements with a pixel height or width. The new style panel jumps to 0 and starts counting up. It’s not a big deal, but I do miss it.