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New website for local library in United States


Hi, I just launched a new website for a small library featuring their events, news, and ways to help the organization.

Any feedback welcome and thanks for Nelson for the live feedback here:



Great job!!! :smiley:

a couple of things:

the logo should be on the same baseline as the book:

The footer logo should either be the new wide version or have the footer text vertically centered with the logo:



Hi @susanmacphee, nice site! very clean and easy on the eyes :slight_smile:


Thank you Nelson! Took all your advice and made the changes to logos:


Do you know why the scroll navigation does not drop down when on a collection page? That would be any detail page for events or news. Thanks!


enable your interaction on your page header



Thank you Nelson, you are the best!


One more that is bugging me. I’d love the main navigation item to look active when on a collection page. So for instance, it would be nice if the main navigation item “events” was highlighted or active when on a collection page like this:

Is that possible?

Thanks and also thanks for the great workshop today!

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