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New website: Windows business


New website created for a window/aluminium business, based in Portugal.
Your feedback, comments and constructive critiques are always welcome smile


Is this something you will demo or is it a demo/portfolio site ?

Either way... not bad at all. Nice looking site. Good colors.

I love Portugal. Haven't been there in a long time though.


@Revolution: I'm not sure I understood your question...
It 's a site for a client with a small business about replacing and selling windows, blinds, etc.
It has a portfolio section with some installations / projects done.

I'm glad you liked it. Colour combinations are always an issue for me, but on this one, I glad with the result smile

If you haven't visited Portugal in a while, maybe it's time to think about vacations. Main cities (Lisboa and Porto) are even more trendier now, with a lot of startups and great projects going on... Also... Algarve and the withe sand beaches... Ah... I wish I was on vacations now!! smiley


So it's a client site... which is good. You're getting paid for it smile

What I call a demo / portfolio site is something you create and place in - your portfolio - to show capability...

ie: free but something that you hope will get you paid.

I haven't had much time to travel since the kids came into the picture.