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Newbie cant get his head around button animation triggers

I’ve run into an issue of experience. I dont know what I dont know!

Made two buttons, that trigger a horizontal scrolling div, one each.

on the live site, only one of the panels will show. It seems I’ve not classed things right in separating the buttons as triggers. Or maybe its a problem with cloning of the horizontal sliding div…

As otherwise a full-time farmer, I’m pretty ok with how far I’ve got. I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials, and got onto it. Yes I know it’s a mess! One day I’ll learn enough to be dangerous, this is FUN! This is the first webpage I ever built.

the panel shows a thrivecart embed. so ultimately I can only verified working on a published site, but I’m making it worse experimenting.

Any advice to a total newbie? THANKS!!

these two buttons.

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

happy to pay someone just to sort this out!!? Or explain my error?

Hi Wade,

Had a look at your site…looks like you’re diving in ‘boots n all’!

Looks like you have two elements with the same name (5checkout), but only one has the HTML Embed.

Also, the interactions that you have set up on each button point to a different element instance of ‘5checkout’.

‘Buy Button’ Interaction

‘Button5’ Interaction

Hope that helps,

thanks Kieran!

theres two slide out panels. one for each button. I took the embed of one so I could quickly see the difference.

I read you right, that i need to recreate one of the buttons with a new class name for a new interaction animation?

Thanks for the detail!