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Newbie : can't get the scroll nav showcased in tutorials to work properly


Hi there,
Great job you've done with webflow.
Trying to have a Navbar displayed once the top section of the page is scrolled off screen, as showcased in the "Nav Appears As You Scroll" tutorial. My problem is i can't even get the steps demoed in the tutorial to work.
See for yourselves :
There actually should be a navbar...
Quite confused as i'm doing exactly as showcased. What on earth am i doing wrong ?
Silly question i know but it's driving me mad (i tried at least 3 times : each time striping the page from elements down to a three colored sections page).

Thx for any light you can shed on my newbie mistakes.


Hi @annabelr Please share your public link for us help you easier. You can enable it from Site Settings. Once you enabled it copy and paste it here.


Sorry wink

Here it is :



Hi @annabelr

I created a 'version' that works, you can modify as you feel fit.


Have a look at the above screenshot,

Scroll into view reads as follows;
Move up 62px
Display None
Offset to 50%

Scroll out of view reads as follows;
Move to origin
Opacity set to 100%

Hope that helps

edit: Here is a GIF of it in action.


@annabelr You missed to set Fixed position for your navtop. And since you have nothing but small text on it you may want to set 100% width.