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No audio played with background video in Safari


Hello everyone.

I’ve added a background video to my page, in google Chrome sound is playing, but in Safari there is no sound. Is it a matter of codec or what’s the workaround? Thanks

..added after...There is also an additional bug with button appearing in Safari - the opacity transition is not working properly within 7 seconds, it appears too fast, whereas in Chrome it’s fine again

Here is the Website


The answer might be in here:

I've got no safari browser at this device, but a couple of years ago I had a similar problem with sound clips. It had to do with Safari not autoplaying the clip, you might want to check that out. Set "autoplay" to true.

There's more info here:


Thanks, I’d understand what to change in case if site will be finished, but while I still want to edit it in the webflow what code should I add to the site?


Did you figure this out? having the same problem


Hi. Apparently this is a bug. I've just placed my original mp4 file instead of webflow's transcoded one and it works :slight_smile:


But I'm using an external hosting. Webflow should really fix it


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