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No `cursor: pointer` on RichText Image Link


When you add an image to your RichText element and set the link property, the cursor property is not pointer on hover.
Do I need to style this myself and if so how?

Same as: https://forum.webflow.com/t/image-link-in-cms-rich-text-field-doesnt-change-pointer-on-hover/23908


Please post your public share link when reporting a bug or asking for help on this forum.


Right at the bottom of the design section you can change the cursor to whatever you need.


Here is the link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/teamimpuls?preview=9ea9dfbcadc2ed8742439ac7d74e2c16
You can test it here: http://teamimpuls.webflow.io/pages/philosophie

Collections > Pages > Philosophie > Content


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