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No customer accounts = no ecommerce

Hi @GlennAtTheFlow,

You are spot on here.

The legal requirement is not specifically to have a customer account. It is to, and this is my own translation, “allow users to access their orders and correct mistakes if necessary”. By “correcting mistakes”, I don’t think they mean like cancel the order - although in some cases this might apply - but more be able to do things like updating contact details for exemple.

So from a technical approach, to me this means :

  • Creating a “customer account” who’s data is retain by the store is not mandatory. Users could just to the purchase as “guests”.
  • But, from a functionality point of view, this means customer should have a way of accessing their order details and make some changes, which feels pretty close to a customer account functionality (but I’m no dev, so I could be wrong here)

PS : and for orders for 120€ or more, the store should keep the order data accessible for at least 10 years…

Wow, 10 years! Fascinating stuff here. It makes you wonder whether “correct mistakes” could be done via the merchant’s Customer Services facility rather than via a direct feature used by the customer in the web platform but as you say, these legal matters are usually up for interpretation :open_mouth:

If I find out anything useful I’ll post it here but otherwise, good luck with it and when user accounts arrive we can all breathe much more easily. Cheers.