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No sorting options



Hi, I don't have any sorting options on this dynamic list. Is that normal?

Its a dynamic list inside a Collection page template. I want to sort the players after the player number.

index > lagene > Damelaget

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Ok. where the info was it was an random email (that I dont understand at all) and some of the information was wrong. Had to do it over again. So I think there something strange happening with the cms on this site.


Hi @krubens, thanks a lot for the report. This is being looked at and as soon as there is more info, I will update. Thanks in advance.


Hi @krubens

Thanks for posting about this.

This is a known limitation when working with dynamic lists and multi reference fields as you cannot yet sort or filter by multi reference fields. We are considering adding this functionality in the future but I do not have an estimated time frame as to when this enhancement will be built out.

Feel free to post about this in our Webflow Wishlist to push the conversation forward on this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Can't sort my dynamic list based on reference field?

Oh. That came as a surprise. Strange limitation.

But thank you for the information. I'll try and solve it in another way.



I agree - I've been burned by this – the only option I can see is to add individual dynamic lists for each reference – but with limit of 20 per page, some designs hit this quickly.

Without an understanding client, it means a rebuild of some sort (I guess at my expense, since I recommended webflow without knowing about the inability to sort by references or the 20 dynamic list limit).

I imagine site designs that are hit by this are in the minority but it adds up to quite a serious limitation on the CMS – some designs and pretty standard data structures are simply not possible in webflow.

@brando When 'site search' has 700+ votes, and the total votes for this feature (split over 2 wish list items from what I can see) = 10, the wishlist is a bit dis-heartening!


Hi @matt50 Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree that this is an unfortunate limitation, but we are always working to improve Webflow.

Each item in the Wishlist is given a status tag. The Conditional Visibility based on reference field wishlist item is currently set to "likely to build" despite only having 15 votes thus far, which is a great sign.
There are some items with more votes that have been given the "unlikely to build" status for one reason or another. But this is a feature request that would be very useful in certain situations. More votes will only increase it's chances :slight_smile:


@brando Thanks for the encouraging words.

For the record, I don't think the 'conditional visibility based on reference field' wishlist item would do what we need here.

This seems to be the one:

As for the workaround (using more dynamic lists), until sorting by multi-reference fields is possible, I ended up having to add a wish list item to increase the number of dynamic lists allowed as I hit the limit of 20 very quickly:


Hi @matt50
Thanks for correcting me on that one, my apologies for the misunderstanding!

Those items are still up for review. Thanks for your patience on this feature request :bow:


Oh boy, sometimes there are unpleasant surprises in webflow.
Whatever you call it bug or missing feature it stroke me hard.
60+ hours invested just to find out that dozens of links to related information pages will be randomly floating on the product pages without possibility to sort them in any way.

@Brando can you at least clarify what is the current sort order? Is that date created? Or edited?


Well I’m not doomed. It seems that it actually displays items in the same order as they appear in cms.
So until sorting comes into multi-reference fields on front-end, one has to watch out for sorting in CMS.
Its not possible to rearrange “pils” in CMS afterwards though, so it has to be entered in correct order.


Yes, this is one of those things that actually could make a website more user friendly and help our clients. Fun and all with interactions, but this would be more useful :slight_smile: