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Non-breaking spaces on Text, Paragraph or Header elements


I've been adding new pages to my portfolio website and am getting a problem I've never had before today. Because the layout for each new projects page is exactly the same I simply duplicate one of the older pages and change the content.

The last three projects I have added when I am filling in the "Project Description" box (I'll link an example) the text will just keep going all the way across the page, rather than ending at the end of the text box. I can fix this by manually adding a return which is no big deal, BUT, it only solves the problem with the site in desktop view, if viewed in tablet size the text once again flows past the designated text box and into the column next to it.

Example of the ISSUE can be seen here the "Project Description" section. If you resize to mobile view you will see the problem.

Example of it working CORRECTLY can be seen here

I'm just stumped because the container for the text clearly ends but the text just flows through it, and it never happened before now even though I made the past 8 pages using this exact same method.

Any ideas?

EDIT* I just checked the above mentioned page on mobile and tablet views and the entire page isn't scaling properly for those views. I can't figure it out, I am literally duplicating other pages that work just fine and just changing the images in the slider and the project description / title.

Here is the preview / share link!

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I'm having the same issues over here. Any solution for that ?


Hello @cjd and @Tolga_Inam!

Read-only links would really help to find out the reason. :wink: Guidance you can find here




Hi @cjd, I just wanted to give you an update, if you cut the text out of your text, paragraph or heading element and then repaste as text, it should work.

For some reason there is some formatting in the text that was pasted that is causing that to overflow. Pasting in plain text should fix the issue in the short term.


Thanks that seems to be working! I typically type directly into the text box on the designer rather than pasting it in from elsewhere. I just wrote my description in TextEdit then pasted it to the site and it seems to be working fine!


Not sure if it notifies you of other comments in here or not so I figured I'd let you know a fix!

If you type your text in another program in plain text (such as word, notepad, textedit, textwrangler) and then paste it into your paragraph section it seems to work just fine! It is no longer running past the designated text area and scaling to other views properly as well


Hey everyone, we're looking into this bug now - we should have a fix soon! Sorry about the inconvenience!


To quickly fix it just re-do all your spaces once. Oh boy... Webflow is getting big :smile:


Chrome issue?


Was facing this issue.

Created a new site, the issue came up for Headings and Text Blocks, not for Paragraphs elements.

@cyberdave's quick fix does the trick for now.


Hello, this is still happening for me and the above fixes don't work. Old text in paragraphs is fine but if I add new text then it breaks the wrapping and overflows only for the new text line/sentence.


I'm having the same issue, when I add placement text it scales accordingly like other elements, but as soon as I edit it the text overflows past the container.


I was having this same issue...

but found a temporary workaround that seems to work.

Copy the offending text and paste it into a new browser window. (Is there a funny icon anywhere in your text your weren't expecting? There was one at the beginning of mine.)

Immediately copy it back out and paste it back into the text box. Then re-apply any bold, italics, or link styles you will have lost.


Webflow adds non-breaking spaces
Webflow adds non-breaking spaces

Thanks. This worked for me :grinning:


Thanks copy & paste is working for me now.


Same bug here:


I'm suffering the same problem (Chrome on Windows) but this fix works. Thanks for coming up with this imaginative fix. I was about to lose my mind trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with my paragraph/text and heading boxes. I hope they fix this problem soon, it's a royal pain!


I have a strange problem with non-breaking spaces: Whenever I write a text in a new paragraph, Webflow adds non-breaking spaces between all words. Thus, the lines do not break anymore.

I have tried different things:
- Switched to a different browser (Chrome / Safari)
- Switched from OS X to Windows (in Parallels)
- Opened a blank new site

I do not copy, but just write text in the field. I also do not hold the shift key. The problem appeared suddenly today, never experienced it before. Any ideas?

Here is an example:


Perhaps same bug here:

Further research shows that it could be related to this (however, this does not explain why the issue appeared suddenly): Unfortunately, Webflow does not support Firefox, but at least in Read Mode, adding a paragraph in Firefox does not lead to those non-breaking spaces.