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Non-breaking spaces on Text, Paragraph or Header elements


I'm also experiencing this issue, seems to recognize only while you're typing but not when previewing or clicking away from text. Happening on both headings and paragraphs to me.



I am also having this issue. I think it just started happening today.


Hey @Jason_Powers

I would suggest you change the topic category to bug so the Webflow team can help you :smile:



Done. Changed to bug. Hopefully they can fix this ASAP. It's infuriating.


I think the Webflow team might already have this on their radar. In the meantime, if you paste your text to a text editor, copy and paste again and then paste back into Webflow it will fix the issue.


Thanks for the tip on the workaround.... let's me keep working!



Im having an issue with the flow of the paragraphs. It doesn't seem to recognize the size of the object it is in so it doesn't automatically "enter" or "return" onto another line of text. You will notice this in the title of the section under the hero. It also happens on the paragraphs, on mobile you will notice it on the second section under the would-be hero section.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @aOne

I think you forgot to add your share link.

Can you please give us your share link so we can help you out here is how:



I am not sure why but if you click into my shopping cart software folder and click on any of the pages my H1 tags are overflowing on the smart phone viewport only. Can anyone give me a quick fix to this so that they are responsive on a smart phone view.

Thanks - Please see attached preview link.




Hey @JibbyFlow

Here is how to fix it:

  • Copy all the text that seems to be acting funny and paste it in notepad or text edit to remove all the formatting

  • Then paste it back into the webflow designer and it should work :smile:

Screenshot of it working



Thank You very much that worked great. Not sure why or how that happened but your solution was a quick fix and I appreciate it. If you have some time can you take a look at my iPad viewport in the bottom right hand corner of every page I have a Symbol setup with Contact information and the email address is running off the iPad view only and I can't figure out why.

Thank You,



Hey @JibbyFlow

Glad i could help. :smile:

About email address overflowing just add a enter for now im looking into this when i figure it out ill update you.



I tried to add the enter like you suggested and it didn't seem to work. Let me know if you are able to work any more of your magic.

Thank You,



Hey @JibbyFlow

Sadly I cant seem to work any magic I would suggest making a bug report of the issue.

Anyways I made you a video on where I made an enter to make it work for now: :smile:

If the above way does not work let me know ill be happy to assist you further.


Text Overflowing

Hi all, thanks a lot for your patience. There has been an update and the issue should now be fixed. Please let me know in case you still experience issues with the text not wrapping correctly. Regards, Dave


At least with the paragraph boxes, it seems to be working correctly now. Haven't tried it with different text elements. Thank you!


It works now for me, thank you!