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Non-Full Width Mobile Nav


Hi there. I have what I hope is a pretty basic question (I’m sorta new to webflow)

I am trying to build a portfolio site for a friend, and she wants a hamburger mobile menu on the left side of the site.

I made the menu, but I don’t want it to be full width like mobile menus default to in Webflow, as shown here:

I would prefer that the menu is something like 300px as shown here:

The only problem is that when I do that, the whole menu goes off center, and doesn’t position itself right under the menu button.

Does anyone know how I can make a mobile menu non-full-width and also have it stay within the confines of the Nav Container?


Here is my public share link: LINK


Hi @joeliomartini Can you share your read-only link?


Yep! Thanks. Share link updated.


Thanks! So here’s what you can do! you can play around with the width % or px to get exactly what you want.


Hi again!

Thanks for the reply, but that’t not what I’m looking for. I would like the non-full-width menu to still align right next to the hamburger menu button, instead of floating all the way to the left of the page. I want it to float instead to the inside of the container, but it doesn’t appear to want to do that.


Oh I see! Well if I make the Nav container position relative it seems to work but not in the live site apparently. Maybe you can give it a try.


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