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Non-jpg file with .jpg extension


Hi there,

New to Webflow and working on my first site. I am trying to upload my own images but keep getting the error "non-jpg file with .jpg extension" and the image won't upload.

Very frustrating. Is someone able to help?



Hi roblewi5, The error indicates a file you're trying to upload has a .jpg or .jpeg file extension but is not actually a .jpg file. For example if I had a .tiff file and renamed it to 'image.jpg'.

If you can post or PM me one of the affected images I'd be happy to look into it. :palm_tree: :sunflower:


Basically what Yoav has said, however there are plenty of ways to save non-jpg files as jpgs either in Photoshop or web resources like this.


Hi @YoavGivati and @aegnorkeil,
You are correct and the error is what it said it was. I had originally right-clicked to check and it did say it was a .jpg image when actually it wasn't.
I had downloaded a photo from facebook which is why this happened.
Thanks for taking time to answer, I have since re-saved the file and it's working!

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