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Not Linking to right section position on the page


Hi Guys,

I have created a typical nav bar that points to some sections on the same page. All is good up to this point.

I have extracted the site and right after the body tag added a div that is a container of everything (it is needed for some other processing).

<div data-ng-app="MyApp" data-ng-controller="MyAppController">
    --start of webflow generated divs--
    --end of webflow generated divs--

My modified page can be seen here - Click on the 'FAQ' on the nav bar. You will see that it scrolls a bit too far and FAQ header is actually behind the nav bar.

Doing this has caused the linking to not link to the exact vertical start position - seems like there is an offset of ~200px. I am not a CSS expert, can someone please help?
Screenshot of before and after adding the container div



Hi @matrix, I would suggest to wrap your navbar in a section, and make the section a type of Header. Then put your navbar into that section, re-export and check it again smile

To get the navscrolling to work correct, there should be a header tag defined in the page smile

Try that and then let me know if any questions. We can assist with the design in Webflow, so make sure to include the read-only link:


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