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Not saving changes – observation mode

I’m having the same problem. I definitely don’t have any other windows open. It’s very frustrating to lose the last 15-30 minutes of work.


Glad it’s not just me. I even restarted my computer, still happening.


Same problem here as well. It’s basically unusable at the moment.


me too; was working fine earlier today


Still happening on my end. I’m not closing my browser, hoping it gets fixed, or else I’ll lose an hour worth of work.


Same issue here, very annoying, can please be fixed asap??


@rileyrichter - pinging you even though I know you will read this. But that sounds really bad, hopefully just a temporary hiccup.


Same here. Can’t even work in the Designer, every 2-5 minutes it shows the notifcation, that I am in the observation mode. This is really bad.


Same over here, put on observer mode. my work is stuck. I hope its resolved fast.


Same problem here! I don’t have other windows open!


Hi there, thanks for reporting the behavior, our team is helping to check on this further.

As next step, it may be helpful to disable the browser cache so that updated files are always downloaded instead of pulling old content from browser cache.

The moment I have further info I will keep you updated.

Hate to say it but I’m having the same issue :frowning:

So much for chasing that deadline

New to Webflow but having the same issue.


​Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

​Thanks so much for reaching out about the message you’re seeing in the Designer. I’m happy to help! (Thanks for tagging me, @dram)

​This is definitely odd behavior, and the team is looking into this now, and we hope to have a fix for you all ASAP.

​In the meantime, can you check and see if your changes are being saved even though you’re seeing that message?

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone!

Hi! Just checked. It doesn’t save the changes for me even if the message appears.


I know there are several replies already but I’ll try and help a bit. Tested in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, on two different computers, PC and Mac. Changes do not save, and cannot publish due to the message. Thank you for the quick responses so far!

Thanks for the additional information! I have passed it along to the team!

Changes have not been saved since about 4-5pm yesterday.

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Yes, it was working fine in the morning though, but in the afternoon the issue started.

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Thanks again for that information! The team is actively working on this now! I hope to have an update for you soon. :webflow_heart:

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