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OG settings missing in Webflow sites


While social posts for webflow sites do populate with the existing webflow page OG settings, the facebook debugger reveals warnings.


So a webflow site will get the following warning:

The following required properties are missing: og:url, og:type, fb:app_id

Webflow is creating manual error prone work for static pages where we have to add manual custom canonical url and now we need another for og:url. :neutral_face:


Canonical is already supported by Webflow through custom attributes, ad a rel=canonical to any page, or use custom code on <head> to add it to certain CMS content. However that would be cool to have this option at page level, maybe.

og:url, og:type, fb:app_id are really for Facebook business. The first one prevents fb to scrape further away, type is for how the Like button will be handled and to last one is self explanatory.

What in your use cases absolutely requires that you have the url and type attributes? (genuine question :slight_smile: )

Opinion — that is personal, obviously: The OG tech is really useful and the fb scrapper very effective, but do we have to craft our sites for Facebook? We’re already bullied by Chrome into having all of our site SSL for no valid reason, let’s not feel obliged to follow Facebook rules and clutter our tools.

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I am just reacting to tests that say “Needs fixing” according to FB and other testing tools. My only use case is I want to deploy right for clients and FB is the other channel for many (for now).

I guess as long as the preview card is visible in posts then all is ok ??

I know what you are saying with regard the bullying . But I see most sites have these extra og properties. I guess regardless what I would like is the ability to add dynamic urls or any other site/page attributes via custom code on static pages for when the need arises. That would avoid the feature setting bloat and minimise errors.


In that case, is there another tool that is reporting those fb errors?

That really depend on what you’re doing. if your website is tightly tied with fb things, using an app, using comments etc, you surely want to be fully compliant with them. But that’s really them, fb, a private company, as big as it is. It’s one things to natively support private products such as maps, Youtube etc within the Webflow UI, because they are features, it’s another thing to support their custom attributes who don’t bring any feature to your site.

I don’t see how you can be penalized for not supporting them. (only did a quick search though).

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