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On load interactions do not run in preview mode, when CMS item is changed in Dynamic Template


Hey folks!

So I've been playing around with the Gravity Template and I noticed a peculiar problem. Here is the live link to the project.

What I'm running into is this: when you go to a "Services Template" dynamic template page, there are some simple OnLoad interactions for the header, "our service", and "what we do" elements.

However, if you switch from one dynamic item page to another, without going to a different page first, the interactions don't seem to run.

Is this a quirk with the way webflow refreshes dynamic template pages when you from one directly to another?

Thanks in advance! :sunny:
Zack @ MetaFlare Media & Design


Hi @MetaFlare, thanks for the question. At the moment, the interaction only load when the page changes, which it seems to work ok for me, when I looked at the site. When changing from item record to item record, it does not reload the page in the designer, only the cynamic content is changed.

To view the page with different dynamic content, it is possible to publish the site to the subdomain, and then you could browse the different posts, which will reload each page after the url is changed.


Thanks @cyberdave! So, if I understand correctly, when you move from one dynamic item page to another, the dynamic content is refreshed but the page is not and will therefore not trigger the OnLoad interactions. Are there any methods to deal with trigger interactions considering there is no OnLoad event triggered?


Hi @MetaFlare, Yes that is corect, changing the dynamic list item record will not re-trigger the page onload trigger. The onload trigger interaction should work fine on the published site, as moving from record to record reloads the page.

This could also be a good update, to have the onload interactions be triggered when switching records, to be able to view the behavior in preview mode.


Oh, duh! Don't know why I didn't think to try that. Totally makes sense and works when published. Thanks @cyberdave!

Yeah, this would be a nice addition.

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