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One page responsive design ... from a NOOB


This is a one pager ... I'm new to doing CSS on my own and I don't want to write 1000's of lines of CSS.

I am a programmer trying to break into web design and webflow promises to be my ticket.

The problem is I seem to have a larger view port than what I'm designing for so that phones and other smaller device types can scroll when there is not content to the bottom or left.

Here's a public read-only view of my site ... I"m only concerned with the page "beta" ... for now.

Any help is appreciated greatly !!


Can you try to re-explain the issue.

I don't understand the issue.


Sure. If you look at ... ... on a phone ... it looks ok, but it scolls horizontally, which I don't want.

Then when you scroll vertically ... the image does not take up the back ground and there is simply too much vertical space ... beyond the intended length.

Try that ? Ok ?


Disable overflow in MainContainer.

Might as well disable it in white_background as well.

Currently... you have overflow disabled in the Body.


I'm reviewing those changes ...


That did wonders for the horizontal scrolling ...

now there seems to be an issue, on a phone, that I can't scroll down to the bottom of the design where the "Sign Up" button is.

We're getting there ... it sounds like I should completely blow away the design and start from scratch.

What your recommend as the key ... mistakes and best way to start a design like this ??


your structure is a bit off

move the navbar outside onto the body.

add SECTION below the navbar.

give the SECTION a class name

move the container (MainContainer) into the SECTION.

-> navbar
-> section
--> maincontainer


You are a life saver ... absolutely ... I named the section "plain_navbar" moved the important elements out from navbar and blew that away.

That main_container is gone ... just sections and stuff inside.

That main_container had a fixed width ... what kind of object was that ?

I'm re-building ... I'll ping you when I have a new build.

@Revolution you have been a tremendous help and saved me some money as I was about to hire someone to help me.


What do you think now ?

Why doesn't the white background show up under the desktop media query ?


I decided to hire someone with no means I need a lot of help and I want to get all my questions answered and this is a paying gig so @Revolution you've been amazing.