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One Page Scroll Animation


Anybody here successful in getting this kind of scroll animation in a Webflow powered site?

Can we produce this cool scroll behaviour in Webflow?
One Page Scroll



Do you know how ??


Mind sharing the share-link with me? (you can message me )


It's very easy, webflow already have such components to create the structure as shown in the demo:

<div class="main">

You drop a div, give it a class of "main", then drop sections inside it.

Then you paste this in the Page Settings > Custom Code (before body tag):

$.getScript('', function() {

Then you copy the CSS from here, and paste it in your Site Settings > Custom Code > Before body tag


Hello ! Thx for sharing all this ! I'm really looking for managing to set up this one page scrolling for a little website. I've tried following those steps but i'm probably missing something. Not a big expert on adding custom code indeed ^^...
Is there a link to download the Jquery one page ?
Does the elements i put in my page have to be named the same as the elements of the CSS i copied in the site setting ?

I'm a bit confused, but the only sure thing, is that is doesn't work .. :frowning:

Thx for any potential help !