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Optimal Image Size for full size advert


Hi All, my client want to me to use the hero image as an add (see attached - I know, design is awful I will do my best to lead them into the light!)

What in terms of px is the best width to work with?

As always TIA


Hi @Roxzfr, thanks for the good question, I think it depends on the layout, but if putting the hero image in a container, then 940px.

If creating a full browser width hero section, then a good thing to think about is what is the maximum target desktop view that you want to optimize for.

I generally use an image that is 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 or 1400x787 (for smaller views).

Here is an aspect ratio calculator:

Here is a good blog post on working with images and performance:

I hope this helps!


thank you @cyberdave - the requested layout is attached. This is very helpful.


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