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Optimizing images for Google & removing render blocking Java Script


Good morning, I have designed my first Webflow site and am working my way through Google's tool box. I am told two things are slowing my site:-

Images - they need optimizing, compress & resize
Jave Script - There is some below the fold Javascript which is render blocking.

Does anyone know how best to deal with these issues?

Many Thanks



Hey @Roxzfr

Regarding Images: on the Google Page speed results page, you can download optimised images at the bottom of the page. There's a line below the Passed Rules section which says "Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page."

Regarding Javascript: Google will be referring to the Webflow & JQuery scripts which are a part of your site. These are essential to functionality so can't be removed.

Its always worth taking Google PageSpeed with a pinch of salt. While its a good general indicator to how fast your page will load there's also a bunch of other factors to take into account like the speed of your server (Webflow use Amazon AWS which is pretty damn fast) and so on....

Its also worth running your site through speed tests from Pingdom ( and Gmetrix ( which will give you a more rounded view of how fast your site is.



Thank you Evan, that is extremley helpful and I will certainly try the other tools :smile:


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This question has already been asked multiple times on this forum.

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